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Welcome Chess Friends! We do not meet “this” Thursday, September 30th (Canceled) but We Do Meet All Other Thursdays per below. Call Me: (916) 768-5042

Post COVID era, we are continuing our meetings at the Auburn Chess Club every Thursday night between 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM at Missions Coffee at 2405 Grass Valley Highway, Auburn, CA.  The club is across the street from the Bel Air grocery store.   Brian Morris started this club and ran it for many years donning one of the largest chess tournaments ever held in the Greater Sacramento Area, the 1st Auburn Power Open, and we are planning to run another large weekend tournament this year.  Our purpose is to offer Auburn and nearby regions a place to play other chess players, a place to play in club tournaments, help newcomers learn the game, and provide chess related information for those seeking it.  We are also looking at options to run Quick Chess tournaments of 20 minutes per side with a 2-second delay, and we will sometimes have weekend tournaments that Brian posts for our AuburnCC on Facebook, … but we usually just have friendly casual play. 🙂


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