Professional Chess Lessons


Professional lessons at a rate of $50/hr. are given by me for two schools and several private individuals during the week.  My phone number is (916) 768 – 5042.  Please be prepared to negotiate a lesson schedule as I am a chess coach to other players and I also teach Microbiology, and advanced Math to others. Thank You! 🙂

3 Responses to Professional Chess Lessons

  1. Austin Baio

    If anyone would want a chess lesson I could definitely recommend him. Arthur usually goes through basic openings that could really improve your game. He suits Beginner and Intermediate players really well. He also makes his own worksheet papers on the opening for you to fill in to let you know what moves you want to play on that opening. I think Arthur Braden would be a excellent chess coach for you!

  2. Edward Labate

    I’ve known Arthur Braden since 1981. You couldn’t find a better teacher, except for me!!!!!!! Okay, okay, not even me…and I don’t teach anymore anyway!! You will not find a more conscientious teacher!!

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